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Enfield Parents Conference 22nd July 2010

Posted on Tuesday 24th August 2010


Enfield Parents Conference 22nd July 2010

Some of our team and customers of our service went to the conference to share and talk about some things we have achieved and showcase the artistic talents of some of the individuals we support.

We met lots of parents, other family members and supporters at the conference and used this opportunity to talk with people about Edenvale Care and listen to the things that are important to them - Personalisation and self- directed support, the uncertainty over public spending cuts, the need for high quality reliable and flexible services were all things people talked to us about. We pride ourselves on the quality of the care and support we provide so parents and other supporters were really excited to learn about all the things we do to make sure that meeting our customers needs is at the heart of everything we do, one of the individuals we support actively talked to people who attended the conference and shared his experiences with other people, this was a really positive and rewarding experience, we had lots of fun and met lots of interesting, caring and inspiring people on the day and we cant wait for the next sharing and learning opportunity...