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Who Are We

Edenvale Care is committed to achieving excellence in our working practice and are ambitious for every adult, child and young person that we support.

At the very heart of Edenvale Care is meeting the needs of individuals and their families.  Everything we do is built upon the principles of respect, trust, dignity, privacy, empowerment, choice, and control. Every element of the care and support we provide is tailored specifically to meet individual and unique needs, goals and aspirations.

Who are we

We listen very carefully and get to know and understand the needs of all of our customers, and we actively promote, encourage and enable individuals of all ages to fully participate in identifying their needs and ways that we can help to meet these.  We also learn all about how we can provide the care and support needed to empower and enable individuals and develop the confidence to  achieve all of the things that are important in their lives.

We actively work alongside individuals, their families, other supporters and professionals to consistently provide  a high quality service that meets the changing diverse and complex needs of vulnerable adults, children and young people who experience illness, infirmity or disability.

Our Customer Information Booklets are available in a range of accessible formats enabling customers, their families and supporters to stay informed about the services we provide and the high standards, rigorous processes and protocols we have in place to ensure we continually deliver the best quality care and support.