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About Our Team

our team

We know that hardworking, enthusiastic, passionate and committed staff need to receive the right training, support, supervision, advice and guidance to enable them to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their role to the highest possible standards.

At Edenvale Care, all of our staff are subject to thorough checks prior to recruitment and need to demonstrate their knowledge, ability, skills, experience, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to delivering high quality care and support, promote equalities and embrace diversity.

We know that reliability, flexibility and continuity of carer is important.  Our philosophy is that that everyone has the right to realise their potential and our highly motivated, capable and confident staff team are respected and valued as professionals.

Our staff complete a comprehensive induction package that provides the basis on which to develop further. As part of our induction programme, staff also complete Common Induction Standards Framework for Adult or Child Care, these programmes are intended to be completed during the first 12 weeks and are endorsed by Skills for Care and/or Children’s Workforce Development Council.

Edenvale Care operate an open door policy that ensures all staff can speak to a senior member of the team at any time for advice, guidance and support.  Staff attend regular team meetings, receive regular supervision and attend an annual appraisal and we also create shadowing and mentoring opportunities and offer professional development programmes, on-going and specialist training opportunities enable Edenvale Care staff to continually enhance and develop their knowledge, skills, education and experience and fully contribute to the delivery and further development of high quality care and support services that meet the changing and complex needs of individuals who Edenvale Care support.

We provide a range of regularly updated and reviewed Handbooks specifically designed to equip staff with the information they need to carry out their roles effectively. The handbooks are readily available to our staff team and provide comprehensive policy and procedure guidance, raise awareness on a wide range of relevant issues and include a practical local and national resource directory for further information and learning.

We also monitor and report on many aspects of our service performance and have a robust quality assurance system in place to help us monitor our successes and identify if there are any areas for improvement or further development.  Collecting, understanding and recording the views of individuals, their families and other supporters are crucial to our performance monitoring and our quality assurance process.