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About Edenvale Care

Edenvale Care is proud to deliver high quality personalised services that:

  • are trustworthy, reliable, dependable, flexible¬†and at a time convenient to our customers, their families and other supporters
  • puts the needs of individuals first in everything we do
  • respects and promotes individual rights to live safe, happy, rewarding and fulfilling lives
  • promotes independence, health, development of personal potential and social inclusion
  • supports individual ambitions, embrace challenges and overcome obstacles
  • enables individuals to actively participate in education, employment, personal, social ¬†and professional development opportunities
  • is both pro-active and responsive to meet the changing needs and aspirations of individuals throughout childhood and adult life
  • offers value for money and demonstrates our achievements and successes
  • empowers individuals to fully participate in identifying their own unique needs, communicate their, wishes, desires, preferences, goals and aspirations and ensure maximum choice and control in the development and review of their individual person centred care and support plan
  • welcomes and invites feedback, participation, consultation and involvement from families, other professionals advocates and supporters
  • takes any potential concerns seriously and acts in a timely and responsive manner
  • is committed to protecting and ensuring individuals safety, dignity, privacy and citizen rights
  • adopts a risk enablement approach to helping individuals take reasonable and informed risks such as accessing services in the community, road safety and participating in hobbies and social interests