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Autism - Training for Trainers August/September 2010

Posted on Monday 13th September 2010


Autism -  Training for Trainers August/September 2010

We are delighted that our staff team and some parents attended a number of training events designed to raise awareness about Autism.

The initial training was delivered over 2 days and we learnt:

- Understanding Autism and Autistic Adults
- Understanding and Developing Strategies for Challenging Behaviours and Transitions, Transition Management, Recording and Reporting

Day 3 & 4 trained our staff team (and some parents) to be Autism trainers - helping to ensure that everything we have learnt can be shared and passed on to new staff who join Edenvale and to help existing staff further develop their knowledge and experience in working with Autistic individuals and their families.

Our new trainers are accredited for 3 years and have access to a wide range of resources to help support individuals and colleagues in their work.

Our trainer, Dr. John Biddulph PhD MA PGCE has delivered training in most EU member states and is in demand as a speaker at conferences. John has worked for a wide range of organisations and settings providing both short and long-term training programmes. Recently, he has worked in educational and health settings, for adult and child residential care, for the National Association of Child Minders, a number of Local Authorities and The Metropolitan Police. He is particularly interested in the development of resources and materials to facilitate more effective communication and social interaction skills for autistic people and those with other language and communication difficulties. He is an accredited trainer of trainers for the Language for Learning project, PECS and TEEACH methodologies.

John is also a member of the Autism Education Trust Advisory Council and Steering Group advising the Department for Education on policy and practice related to education and autism. He was part of an advisory group that led to the development of the Adult Autism Bill and Strategy.

John’s professional expertise in Autism has the added benefit of being focused through the prism of his own diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and we really enjoyed the added insight, training, knowledge and awareness that John shared with us at these events which were organised specifically to meet the needs of our staff team, parents and individuals we support.