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Edenvales commitment to online reading support services

Posted on Wednesday 20th February 2013


Edenvales commitment to online reading support services

We are pleased to announce our continued commitment to provide online reading support services through the implementation of BrowseAloud on our website. This invaluable technology makes access to the internet easier for people who have difficulties reading information online. It empowers vulnerable groups and individuals who are ‘print disabled’ to engage online independently.

Sandra Lomax-Pearce, Business Consultant for Edenvale Care commented, “I would highly recommend BrowseAloud as an ideal accessibility tool because it is easy to integrate and it’s a no fuss service. It’s free and convenient for our visitors to the site, with the cost covered by us and it’s affordable for providers too.”

“Everything we do is built upon the principles of respect, trust, dignity, privacy, empowerment, choice, and control. Every element of the care and support we provide is tailored specifically to meet individual and unique needs, goals and aspirations. Supporting this ethos by implementing BrowseAloud means that we can provide a more inclusive way to access our services and the information on our website. We are helping to remove barriers faced by individuals who experience difficulties reading print.”

BrowseAloud reads all accessible website content aloud in a high quality, human sounding voice which can be altered to suit the individual’s specific needs. Additional features include dual-colour highlighting of text, text magnification, a talking dictionary, a talking translator, an MP3 maker and screen masking.

The reach of BrowseAloud now extends to all major mobile devices. Whatever your website visitor is using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac to browse your site, BrowseAloud provides the reading support many of your web visitors require.

To get BrowseAloud for your device, visit the ‘Get BrowseAloud’ page at www.browsealoud.com/GetBrowseAloud.