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Help Emily in her fight against Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Posted on Wednesday 7th October 2015


Until October 2013, despite having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Autism and a learning disability, Emily lived a happy and fulfilled life. In October 2013 she suffered a sudden and severe headache. Emily was subsequently admitted to Hospital where she spent the next seven weeks. The reason for her long admission however was not the headache. Unfortunately, following a traumatic lumbar puncture she began experiencing seizures and convulsions. These have left Emily exhausted and afraid and her family extremely worried.

Two years on, Emily continues to have seizures. Despite having wonderful support from her Mum Sarah, sister Sophie and Eden Vale Care - who provide two carers on a daily basis - parts of Emily's home are inaccessible to her in her wheelchair. She desperately requires adaptation to her home to give her more independence and vastly improve the quality of her home life. Thankfully the local authority will be providing a grant but this will not cover the full extent of the work that is required.

Emily is looking to raise funds in order to support Emily, allowing her to have a downstairs bedroom and wet room with full wheelchair access to the kitchen and garden.

UPDATE: With thanks to everyone who supported Emily who has now raised the funds needed to make the adaptations to her home.

Excellent news!