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England's Most Senior Nurse Praises Enfield Care

Posted on Tuesday 19th January 2016


England's Most Senior Nurse Praises Enfield Care

England’s most senior nurse visited the borough to see how those with disabilities are helped to live independently and meet a woman who has found a new lease of life after a lifetime in hospitals.

Jane Cummings, chief nursing officer for England, visited Enfield’s Integrated Learning Disabilities Service, which aims to reduce time spent in hospital by those with mental health issues, and promote independent learning.

She met 46-year-old Cindy Fox, who was born in Enfield but has lived out of the borough for 25 years in hospitals and institutions as far away as Colchester, due to mild learning disabilities and a personality disorder. She moved into her own home in Enfield 16 months ago and has been learning to live independently since.

Ms Cummings said: “Cindy was very welcoming, and keen to show us her home. It is lovely to see someone who has been in hospital for so long is able to live like this.

“This is challenging the old ways of caring – it shows that yes, it is possible for disabled people to live in their own home. You put them in a proper home and they are so different.

“She does get support, from teams of people who work together, nurses who let her live her life. There might be times when Cindy needs additional help, and at Enfield they have the skills and expertise.

“There is person centred care at Enfield, and a real drive to keep people out of hospital. This is really good practice, and not the kind of thing so you see all the time elsewhere.”

Ms. Fox is cared for by a rota of four dedicated nurses, supported by care managers at the council. She is allowed to leave the house alone to visit the shops, and has control of her own money, including paying the rent.

A new element will be introduced to her life on Monday, with plans to move a housemate into her home on Raleigh Road, near Enfield Town. One of Ms Fox’s nurses, Charlotte Wilson, said she was excited about it.

She said: “I’ve looked after her for the 16 months she has been in Enfield, and I have seen a total turnaround. The environment makes a big difference, the opportunity to bring her into the realm of normality.

SOURCE: Enfield Independent Newspaper Weds 6th Jan 2016.