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What people say about us

We deliver services to adults and children, in each person’s own home, as well as promoting and facilitating access and participation in a wide range of opportunities and services in the local and wider community.

what we doWe believe everyone has the right to live a happy meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling life and deliver the best possible care to achieve this aim.

We do this, by delivering high quality 'person-centred' care for vulnerable individuals of all ages. 'Person-centred' means listening to each person's choices and aspirations, and supporting them to develop to their full potential at their own pace, giving the appropriate level of care, support, security, training, experience and direction. We work closely alongside individuals, their family, friends, professionals and other supporters, to ensure that we are all working together to achieve common goals, and help support our clients to achieve their aspirations and realise their potential.

The following values are embedded in everything we do;

  • Equality
  • Development
  • Encouragement
  • Nurturing
  • Values
  • Autonomy
  • Learning
  • Empathy