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Childrens Services

We want children to have the best start in life and the ongoing support that they and their families need to fulfil their potential.

Carer with child We recognise that support which involves and assists families, is likely to be more effective than support that is solely focused on the child’s needs.  Our homecare and home sitting service aims to assist families to sustain meaningful routines and care that benefit the family unit as a whole.

Our services include:

Home care

Provided within the child/young person’s own home and will include an element of personal care. This service is provided on weekdays and weekends throughout the year and can be provided to families for a time-limited period, around a time of transition – for example, arrival of a new born baby, surgery, illness or a significant change in a child’s behaviour or circumstances.

Home care is usually for a minimum of 3 hours, to ensure that the child and their family feel relaxed and we are able to engage both effectively, positively and constructively within that period, before leaving the home.

Home sitting

Provided within the child/young person’s home. Enabling the family to go out, in the knowledge that their child/young person is being appropriately and well looked after. The service can also include sitting for siblings of the child/young person and engaging them in activities and opportunities to participate alongside the child/young person, where possible.

Help outside of the home

We know that it is also important to offer support away from the home, to enable the child/young person and their family to participate fully within the local and wider community environment. As such, we can also provide care and support the child/young person, and their family outside of the home, perhaps to attend an appointment, meeting, event, occasion, or for a day trip, short break away, or holiday. 

Continuity of carer

We will identify a staff member or team of staff, who will work alongside the child and family on a regular basis.  We know it is important to develop trust and build positive and meaningful relationships and that continuity of carer helps to ensure that children and their families receive a consistent, yet flexible service.

Support during transition

Transitioning from childrens services into adult service provision can be a very unsettling and uncertain time for young people and their families.  We work with people of all ages, so we can carry on providing the support you need, and help to minimise the disruption experienced by the whole family during this often, difficult period.

Further information

For further information about the ways we can support your child/young person, and the family as a whole, please  contact us.