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What people say about us

Client Quotes:

Always do their best to accommodation the day/time I request. They are very understanding if I need to change these times. They also do their best to assign a carer that my child enjoys spending time with and that there is continuity of care. The carers are always on punctual, very considerate, and very supportive. I really value the service and people who work for Edenvale.

Edenvale are well organised and professional.

Listens to our concerns.

Edenvale are good at involving our son in what is happening during the day and treating him as an adult who can make his own choices.

The carers are like family to our son and are always polite and good timekeepers. They make us all feel welcome.

Very good record keeping and management of the whole project. Good at listening to my concerns and supporting my choices and opinions as well as being flexible to change things to make me feel happier and more confident.

Return messages when needed.

Ensure that staff are well trained and if any issues, repeat training as necessary. Ensure correct ‘fit’ of carer for my needs.

Taking care of someone when they’re not at their strongest point.

Personal Care, Medicine Administration, Cooking (everything). I feel that Edenvale does everything particularly well.

Give choice and help me do my best.

I feel that the Company and staff look after me very well.

Staff Quotes:

Edenvale provide really good training.

Best company I have ever worked for.

Good support from the managers.

Managers listen.

I feel very valued.

Good team to work with - everyone supports me and helps if I have any queries. (New member of staff)

Staff team were extremely welcoming and supportive. (New manager)

We understand the needs of staff - as well as clients to give the best support we possibly can.