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How To Access Our Services

You can contact us directly if you:

  • Are Self-funding
  • Have a Personal Budget, or an Individual Budget
  • Receive a Direct Payment from the Local Authority

You may need to speak to your Care Manager or Social Care Department about your wish to consider Edenvale Care as a care and support provider, if your financial circumstances are not mentioned above.

If you are unsure please do contact us and we can help you to decide the best way of accessing our services.

Once we know that you are considering how our service can help you, we will complete a comprehensive needs assessment with you, your family, friends and other supporters who you feel would like to be involved, and we will learn all about the things that are important to you.

We will also consider any potential risks, and look at ways we can help to ensure you feel safe, and that our staff also feel safe when providing your care and support.

Once we understand your needs, we will work together to develop a plan, which explains how we will help support you and what we need to do to meet your needs.

You will receive your own copy of the plan that we make together, and it will include lots of really useful information that will help us all work together to ensure you have a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life, achieve your goals, and realise your potential.

We will regularly review the plan to make sure that we continue to provide the care and support you need, and as your needs change over time.

We have a customer information “Access to Services” booklet which explains all about Edenvale Care and the ways we can help and support you. The booklet is also available in ‘Easy Read’.

If you would like a copy of this or any other information we provide, please contact us.